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Dine In & Takeaway

Home Delivery Available Fridays


Now open for dining in. Takeaway food available by customer pick up.
Delivery for take home meals, produce and hampers available on Friday afternoons.

Call (03) 5772 1526 or email admin@grantstgrocer.com.au to order. 

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday 8am-5pm, Saturday 8am-4pm, Sunday 9am-3pm

how to order Pre Packaged Meals, produce and hot drinks:

– Phone the shop: 03 5772 1526
Email, Text or phone 0487 668 246 or contact via Facebook messenger
Order via the website
Meals available in 2 sizes: small (240g) and large (480 gm)

Pick Up & Delivery Options:

IN STORE: Come in to the store at 100 Grant St Alexandra to pick up between 8am and 4pm
DELIVERED: Delivery to Alexandra on Friday afternoons.

We require the following information:
a) Address
b) Mobile number
c) specific directions where to drop products
Please note: Goods must be refrigerated within 30 minutes of delivery. The delivery will be forfeited if no one is home to receive the order.

Payment Options:

IN STORE – Pay in store on pick up
DELIVERY – Pay online if ordering online. We’ll call to get credit card details if emailing an order or texting. Cash in an envelope on doorstep is also accepted.

Please note that if large quantities are ordered, supply may not be available.

Order Now

FROZEN MEAL options:

Beef Goulash (small / large)
Beef Rendang (small / large)
Bolognaise (small / large)
Butter Chicken (small / large)
Channa Dahl (small / large)
Chicken Fricasse (small / large)
Chicken Korma (small / large)
Pumpkin & Coconut (small / large)
Spanish Chicken (small / large)
Spicy Chicken (small / large)
Tomato and Eggplant (small / large)
Coconut Beef Madras (small / large)
Pork Vindaloo (small / large)
Sri Lankan Pork (small / large)
Veal Blanquette (small / large)
Basmati Rice Small (small / large)
Roti – 1/2 piece
Roti – whole piece


Mansfield Coffee Merchant Coffee Beans 1kg
Mansfield Coffee Merchant Coffee Beans – Ground 250g
Mansfield Coffee Merchant Coffee Beans 250g
Sliced Bacon 250g
Pane di Campagna Bread
Procal Full Cream Milk 2ltr
Procal Light Milk 2ltr
Milk Lab Coconut Milk 1ltr
Milk Lab Lactose Free Milk 1ltr
Milk Lab Almond Milk 1ltr
Bonsoy Soy Milk 1 ltr
Free Range Eggs 1 dozen
Western Star Butter 250g
Taggerty Treats Tomato Relish
Taggerty Treats Blackberry Jam
Taggerty Treats Strawberry Jam
Taggerty Treats Apricot Jam
Belle Ridge Tomato Sauce
Belle Ridge Beetroot Relish
Belle Ridge Zucchini Relish
Grant St. Grocer Blackberry and Port Jam
Grant St. Grocer Old Fashioned Raspberry Conserve 
Mandy’s Fruit Cake 1.5kg
Mandy’s Fruit Cake 750g
Mandy’s Gluten Free Fruit Cake 750g
Pruffles ; protein ball truffles (4)
Packet of Chocolate Balls
Packet of Chocolate Chip Biscuits
Little River Shiraz
Little River Estate Chardonnay
Little River Wines Sparkling Brut
Philip Lobley Wines; Pinot
Philip Lobley Wines; Sauvignon Blanc
Sedona Wines; Sangiovese
Sedona Wines; Merlot
Sedona Wines Cheviot Cab Merlot
Sedona Wines Cheviot Pinot Gris
Pizzini Wines; Nonna Gisella Sangiovese
Pizzini Wines; Pinot Grigio
Pizzini Wines; Prosecco


Dinner, Bed & Breakfast Pack
The “not so average” Family Pack (with wine)
The “not so average” Family Pack (without wine)